House Concerts


Bringing the Concert to you

You love jazz but you can't make the club downbeat at 9 or 10pm and stay out until 2, and you can't fit in Monterey or Newport and brave the crowds. Jazznation has the ultimate solution: bring the live concert to your home.

Enjoy the intimate privacy of sitting with your family and friends listening to world class jazz headliners in the comfort of your own home. No paparazzi, no crowds, no hassle. Perfect for special occasions, fundraisers, or charity events. We set up the entire event and mange every detail from protecting the Persian rugs to serving the Veuve Cliquot. We handle all the requirements from sound and lighting, to documenting the event for posterity.

Kenny Garrett


We take advantage of the travel schedules of top line artists to bring you a roster of headliners. In some cases we can bring together artists who don't often get a chance to to perform together to create an even more unique event that will be remebered long after the concert.

Regina Carter

 Getting the most out of the event

Many jazz fans would like to get get to know the artists and have a chance to chat with them, share stories, and their humor and passions. You can invite the musicians to be your guests for a dinner party before or after the show. During the show, artists often talk to the audience and demonstrate certain aspects of the music to give further insight.

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