One Nation under Swing!


1. Passion Dance: McCoy Tyner

2. A Penthouse Dawn : Oliver Nelson

3. Minor's Holiday: Kenny Dorham

4. Interlude: Matt Clark

5. Oclupaca: Duke Ellington

6. Once Around: Thad Jones

7. Miss Fine: Oliver Nelson

8. Black, Brown, and Beautiful: Oliver Nelson

9. Fingers: Thad Jones


Saxophones: Alex Budman, Charles McNeil, Tod Dickow, Gene Burkert, Howard Cespedes, Jason McElroy


Trumpets: Bill Theurer, Dave Scott, Steffen Kuehn, Rolf Johnson, Mike Olmos


Trombones: Derek James, Adam Theis, Mike Rinta, John Brummel


Piano: Matt Clark, Bass: Mike Bacile, Drums: Andrew Eberhard


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1. Slop: Charles Mingus

2. Buddy T :Chuck MacKinnon

3. Going to Chicago: Count Basie, Jimmy Rushing

4. City Lights: Carroll Coates

5.  Disapproachment: Frank Foster

6. Self Help is Needed: OliverNelson,

7. Body and Soul: Green, Sour, Heymen, Eyton

8. These Times: Chuck MacKinnon

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Vocals: Duane Lawrence


Saxophones: Christopher Pitts, Tony Corman, Eric Crystal, Tod Dickow, Scott Peterson, Howard Cespedes


Trumpets: Louis Fasman, Dave Scott, Chuck MacKinnon, Rolf Johnson


Trombones: Marty Wehner, Mike Rinta, Mara Fox, Derrick James, Chuck Bennett


Piano: Jacob Semetko, Bass: John Wiitala, Drums: Danny Spencer

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1. Tomorrow's Blues Today: Frank Foster

2. Invitation: Bronislaw Kaper

3. Angel Eyes: Dennis/Brent

4. Dolphin Dance: Herbie Hancock

5. Night in Tunisia: Dizzy Gillepsie

6. Basic-ally Yours: Thad Jones

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Saxophones: Christopher Pitts, Harvey Wainapel, Eric Crystal, Tod Dickow, Ron Stahlings, Steve Adams


Trumpets: Bill Theurer, Warren Gale, Chuck MacKinnon, Dave Scott


Trombones: Marty Wehner, Mike Busbe, Derrick James, Chuck Bennett


Piano: Mark Levine, Bass: John Wiitala, Drums: Danny Spencer

Guitar: Brad Buethe

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