Heroes Without Costumes - Career Guide for Kids

You Can Be a Hero!

Superheroes like Spiderman and Wonder Woman save the world at least every week. They save innocent people from bad guys and protect their cities. Do you ever imagine what it would be like to protect the people you know? You can. And you don't have to wear a silly mask or cape! There are lots of different types of heroes. These people are just like you, except maybe a little bit older. But when they were your age, they imagined the same things that you do. They imagined fighting bad guys and helping people who were sick. So go grab your mom, dad, or teacher (who are all heroes too!), and click on the links below to learn a little bit more about each one.


Doctors are very important heroes. When people get sick, doctors are able to make them feel better. Doctors are able to fix broken bones, perform surgery, and give their patients regular checkups to make sure they are healthy. They even have certain medicines that can prevent people from getting sick, called vaccines. Would you like to wear the white coat of a doctor?

Police Officer

Police Officers are the heroes that catch the bad guys. Sometimes people do things that are wrong which can hurt other people. When this happens, it is the police men and women who arrest them. They first have to gather evidence. Then they have to decide who is the most likely person to commit the crime, based on the evidence. Would you like to wear the proud badge of a police officer?


Nurses are the super hero sidekicks for doctors. We all know that sometimes it is the sidekick who saves the day. Nurses are the ones who run tests and give patients the medicine they need to get healthy. Doctors have a lot of demands on their time. It is because of nurses that they are able to take care of so many people at a time. Would you like to wear the brightly colored scrubs of a nurse?


Teachers are the defenders of knowledge. They fight to make sure that each student gets the knowledge they need to become the best heroes that they can be. They are there to guide their students and offer support if they have a problem. Knowledge is power. Do you have the dedication to become a teacher?


Veterinarians are the heroes that protect our furry friends. They do everything that doctors do, but their patients usually have paws, beaks, or tails. Our pets are important parts of our family who are always happy to see us when we get home. Veterinarians are there to fight for them so they can be there for us. Do you think you have what it takes to be a doggy doctor?

Fire Fighter

Firefighters are the heroes who save people from fires. Sometimes people are in danger and there is no bad guy to blame. Fire is a force of its own and can get started very quickly. When this happens, it is the firefighters who put out the fire and save the people who are in danger. They also fight to teach people what to do in case there is a fire and ways to prevent it. Would you like to hold the firefighter's water hose?

The Hero in You

These are just some of the types of everyday heroes in the world today. Heroes are people who fight to help other people. Do you see yourself helping people when you grow up? These are only a some of the jobs that are designed to create heroes. Remember, being a hero takes hard work, courage, and having a good sense of right and wrong. Do you know anyone who is a hero?