Kurt Vonnegut

Is my favorite American author. While I first starting reading him in High School, I recently reread all his books and find them as enjoyable as ever. Nobody captures humanity the way he does.

John Adams by David McCullough

A very insightful book which brings to life the elements which led to the founding of the US.

America's Miracle Man In Vietnam: Ngo Dinh Diem, Religion, Race, And U.S. Intervention In Southeast Asia 1950-1957 by Seth Jacobs

Reading this book is fascinating and frustrating at the same time. Fascinating because it explains how we got into the Vietnam war and frustrating because we seem to be making many of the same mistakes again.

My Life by Bill Clinton

Clinton's public service is a matter of public record so it's easy to fact check. The events which unfolded during his administration, the strategies, and the politics involved are flabbergasting to say the least.

Return to Base: Memoirs of a B-17 Copilot Kimbolton, England, 1943-1944 by Jesse Pitts

My father wrote this book before he passed away fall 2003. Since he had been a professor of Sociology most of his life, it's not surprising that this book examines the thoughts and  fears of the young airmen fighting WWII rather than how much and what they bombed. Precisely what stands this book apart from many WWII memoirs and makes it a good read.